Small farms should be supported even in time of war – Miroshnichenko

To create the Agency for the support of farmers and rural communities as a counterpart to the EU institution in Ukraine, the budget 2016 should be provided with adequate funding.

This was stated by deputy of the “Samopomich” faction, member of the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations Ivan Miroshnichenko.

“Understanding all the difficulties and the fact that the budget for 2016 will again be primarily a defence budget, we are still obliged to build into it the funds to support small-scale farms,” he said.

Thus, according to him, government programs to support farmers can be multiplied.

“50 million hryvnias, 250 million hryvnias in terms of the Ukrainian agricultural sector are drops in the bucket. But their presence is a mechanism that will allow farmers to raise additional funding. This includes both donor support and investments,” Miroshnichenko emphasized.

In addition, the MP believes that in the process of finalizing the draft law on family farms there should be provided the possibility of co-financing of the projects to support small farmers, and the social guarantees for agricultural producers with newly established family farms.

“At present, the employment service of people who produce a particular product on family farms is not recorded whatsoever; they don’t get pensions, have no social guarantees. We, as legislators, must fix this while finalizing the document before the second reading,” he said.

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