Only a strong country can win the war – Semenchenko

The leadership of our country believes that it will be able to negotiate with Russia through political means, but this is wrong. Only a strong country can win the war. This was stated by MP Semen Semenchenko on air of “24” TV channel. 

He has noted that now it is necessary to do two things – to pass a bill on a reserve army and create a contract army.

“We have introduced a bill on a reserve army. 200 thousand reservists, as in Switzerland, training in their home-towns should always be at the ready”, said the deputy.

He has also reminded that the President must deliver on his promise – to set up a contract army, because this one is not mobilized, it consists not of draftees picked out in the streets, but of people who have high motivation and a decent salary.

“A contract army – this is what we need. We are ready to pass the necessary laws, but the President as the commander in chief must show initiative in this matter,” said Semenchenko.

Semen Semenchenko
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