Kryvyi Rih flooding with the violations of the electoral legislation – Bereziuk

Kryvyi Rih is flooded with the violations of the electoral legislation – says the chairman of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk.

“In Kryvyi Rih I saw that the state and the CEC in particular do not pay attention to the gross violations of the rules of election campaigning on the part of some “individuals”, and I believe that it is absolutely necessary to make things right at the beginning of this campaign,” he said.

Those “individuals” never cease to amaze with the methods of electoral competition: at first there were illegal fake boards on how “Samopomich” was going to come to power and impose its order. Under the pressure from society and the police political advertising began to disappear from the rear windows of the city taxis. The latter is a great achievement of “Opora”, which by the way has found that the “current mayor” is actively using a large-scale budget program on providing one-time financial assistance to people in the amount of 500 hryvnias,” said the chairman of the faction.

“Among innovations there are sponsored articles with the titles like “Local authorities have come to grips with the roads of Kryvyi Rih”, or “Mother of many children in Kryvyi Rih received the keys to a new apartment the city”. In order to get around the law the articles refer to a mysterious “current mayor”, “Kryvyi Rih city administrator”, “the head of the city”, while on the photos there is “the current mayor” of course.

We appeal to public organizations, observers and the city election commission: we need to stop the arbitrariness of the local mafia,” he urged.

Oleh Berezyuk
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