Corruption in issuing permits for transportation has reached its climax

“Going on a business trip recently we covered the 160 kilometers of road in the Mykolaiv region in more than 4 hours. This one can hardly be called a road,” said MP Ivan Miroshnichenko. “Today corruption in issuing permits for transportation has reached its climax: carriers simply pay bribes and freight vehicles to the fullest; as a result we have the destroyed roads and no funds for the new ones. This cannot go on like this; therefore, we appeal to the colleagues in the Parliament to support our bill №4660-1 and restore order in this sphere.”

“A terrible thing: the number of road accidents and road fatalities has increased by 25% in comparison with the last year. This is due to the fact that nobody solves the problem of either roads or security,” said MP Ihor Didenko. “Today we are once again raising the issue of establishing a road fund which would finance the construction of roads by means of the money coming from the payments for fuel. In addition, we suggest that 30% automatically be sent for the local roads.”

“This disorder is especially felt by inhabitants of the cities near which there are ports: the roads are destroyed by heavy trucks; however, neither the local authorities nor the police have any reasons to check the tonnage. Instead of spending the budget for health care and education, we have to send the already limited resources to ensure that the roads are at least in minimally acceptable conditions,” said the mayor of Mykolaiv, Oleksandr Senkevych.

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