When we see the will to break the oligarchic rule, we will consider the suggestions concerning the government – Soboliev

“Samopomich” Union is ready to discuss the issues of government formation, but only after a number of conditions on reducing corrupt oligarchic influence are be fulfilled. This was said by MP, a member of the “Samopomich” Union faction, the chairman of the anti-corruption committee, Yehor Soboliev, from the parliamentary rostrum.

“They’re now offering us the post of Prime Minister, “Samopomich” is offered to return to the coalition. This is what “Samopomich” thinks about it all: firstly, both the President of Ukraine and the coalition partners have repeatedly lied to all of us for the past year and a half. The common practice has been to offer something through the press service, then to negotiate at night and do things differently,” said the MP.

“Therefore, before considering any proposals “Samopomich” is waiting for these simple decisions: the decision number one – appointment of an independent Prosecutor General who will be neither a friend of the President nor the Parliament but the Prosecutor General for the whole country.

Decision number two – appointment of a real CEC which will count the votes instead of serving some forces the way it has been doing since the time of Yanukovych. The decision number three is the adoption of what we promised to all the voters – a new fair law on elections, according to which voters will be able to elect both a political party and its particular candidates through an open-list system,” he said.

“What do we see in all this fuss around the prime minister’s office? A mere desire to make it till the autumn, because every day of staying in their positions brings bribes, profits to the leaders of the state. Then this money can be used to buy electors. Therefore, as soon as we see the will to break the oligarchic rule, starting with the Prosecutor General and ending with the new legislation on elections, we will be glad to consider any other proposals, including those on the government,” emphasized the parliamentarian.

Yehor Sobolev
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