Rooms for breastfeeding mothers may appear in all enterprises

The Parliament is offered to adopt the bill № 2523-a which provides for the creation of special rooms in enterprises in which the women who have returned to work after maternity leave but are still breastfeeding would have the opportunity to do it.

According to the document, all the companies that use women’s work, within fourteen days from the date of receipt of the corresponding statement from a woman who has a child under three years old, are required to organize a room of women’s personal hygiene and depending on the child’s age – a room for breastfeeding or a baby room that complies with all the sanitary and hygienic norms.

“Today, most women are forced to choose work instead of being on maternity leave. However, the avoidance of breastfeeding poses a threat to the child’s immunity. For babies breastfeeding is their protection for the whole life, and for women this is a prevention of breast cancer. The way out is for enterprises, institutions, organizations to create rooms for breastfeeding and conditions for collection and storage of breastmilk during working hours of women,” says the author of the bill, the Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health, a member of “Samopomich” Union, Iryna Sysoyenko.

She mentions that for the state and employers the creation of rooms for breastfeeding has economic benefits, because it means lower morbidity and reduced costs for treatment of breast cancer.

The initiative to create rooms for breastfeeding in enterprises has been supported by UNICEF, non-governmental organizations, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health.

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