Iryna Sysoyenko: Rada has allocated additional 182 million on patients’ treatment abroad

“Today, 15 July, on the last day of the Parliament’s work, I managed to convince the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada to agree upon the decision to allocate additional funds in the amount of 183 million hryvnias for the state program “Treatment of Ukrainian citizens abroad”. These funds will be transferred from the State program of “purchases of mammography machines of domestic producers”, said Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Health, Iryna Sysoyenko.

Funding for the program “Treatment of Ukrainian citizens abroad” is the last chance of life for our patients who are on the list of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, but due to lack of funds in the accounts of the Ministry of Health cannot get medical care. These funds will also be allocated for the treatment of a Hero of Ukraine, Mr. Petrakivskyi. Finally, the Ministry of Health will be able to pay for those patients who need urgent treatment, and we no longer will have to look for opportunities to save lives in such an emergency mode as in the case with Viktoriia Honhalo,” said the parliamentarian

“I am convinced that every human life is priceless. And as long as the state doesn’t provide conditions for the treatment of critically ill patients with complex pathologies and provide transplantation within the country, we must do everything possible to save human lives.”

At the same time we are working to ensure that new laws that will provide the necessary conditions for the treatment of such patients in Ukraine are adopted.

In adopting the budget for 2016 it was estimated that the state program of medical treatment abroad would need funding amounting to 364 million UAH. However, unfortunately, during adoption of the budge only 202 million were allocated for this program. During the period from the beginning of the year almost all these funds have been already expended. But as of today, 47 Ukrainian patients are in need of immediate payments and immediate traveling abroad.

This program was supposed to be additionally funded, since the 47 people who are now officially on the list of the Ministry of Health needed additional 183 million hryvnias, which have been allocated today.

Iryna Sysoienko
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