Irpin Territorial Electoral Commission blocks fair elections in Kotsiubynske, Samopomich

Irpin Territorial Electoral Commission is disrupting the quorum of the meeting scheduled for today. The issue of replacement of Kotsiubynske Territorial Electoral Commission’s member under the quota of “Samopomich” is being blocked. We emphasize that “Samopomich” stands for honest counting without nominating its candidates for the elections in Kotsiubynske.

Back on July 13 we signed a submission to replace our TEC member. According to the law, it should be considered within 3 days. However, the issue is being blocked, and yesterday it emerged that the documents had been “overlooked”.

This morning “Samopomich” re-filed the documents, but the Commission meeting did not happen due to lack of quorum. The quorum is being disrupted by the political parties that were trying to disrupt the elections throughout the whole electoral process.

We insist on Kotsiubynske TEC member’s replacement, because we believe that the process of vote counting and results establishing should be in the public interest of Kotsiubynske and not in the interests of certain political forces. We do not want to bear political responsibility for distortion of the election results.

We are appealing to the CEC with two requirements. The first one is to urgently implement the right of the “Samopomich” Union to replace a member of Kotsiubynske TEC, the second – to immediately address matters related to Irpin TEC inactions.

We call upon the parliamentary parties (Fatherland, Radical Party and Opposition bloc) to stop the sabotage of their local organizations, to send their representatives to the meeting of Irpin TEC and ensure a transparent process of establishing the election results in Kotsiubynske.

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