Civil society protests against the abolition of the lustration law

Today, March 22, at the building of the Constitutional Court a public activists’ protest against the abolition of the law “On power cleansing” was held. The law banning top officials of Yanukovych from holding positions of authority will be investigated in terms of its compliance with the Constitution.

The protesters have drawn attention to the fact that the Constitutional Court judges themselves fall under the lustration criteria and thus cannot consider the case. People’s deputy, a member of the “Samopomich” Union, chairman of the anti-corruption committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Yehor Soboliev, has filed a motion for disqualification of six Constitutional Court judges, headed by the chairman, Yuriy Baulin, due to a conflict of interest.

“The Constitutional Court has long ago exceeded the deadline provided to deliver a judgement. The “judges” of the highest court who provided Yanukovych with dictatorial powers are now similarly serving and pleasing the current President. In exchange for this, the subordinated to him Prosecutor General’s Office and Security Service stay clear of them, though they have long ago established the role of Baulin & Co in Yanukovych’s usurpation of power,” said the MP.

We shall recall that the last meeting of the Constitutional Court on consideration of the law “On poser cleansing” took place on 23 October 2015 following which the meetings were adjourned for an indefinite period for the court to examine the motion for disqualification of judges.

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