Chairman of Chornomorsk branch of “Samopomich” Union unlawfully deprived of the mandate

Gross violation of the electoral legislation occurred in the city of Chornomorsk, Odesa region. Due to the illegal actions of the chairman of Chornomorsk city election commission, Sorokin, it was illegally decided to deprive chairman of the “Samopomich Union” local branch, Ivan Smirenskyi, of his mandate.

There are reasons to state that Ivan Smirenskyi, known for his principled position concerning assessment of the activities of the local self-government bodies, has become the target of revenge of some political forces.

In the period from March 12 to April 8, 2016 Ivan Smilenskyi worked as a deputy mayor of Chornomorsk on issues of the executive bodies’ activities, but he was dismissed by mutual agreement, in accordance with item 1, article 36 of the Labor Code of Ukraine. However, on April 11, 2016 at a meeting of the election commission chairman of Chornomorsk city election commission, Sorokin, put to vote the question of depriving Ivan Smirenskyi of his deputy mandate. This was motivated by the fact that allegedly the “Samopomich” deputy remained the deputy mayor of Chornomorsk, a member of the executive committee; therefore, according to the chairman of the election commission, the former could not be a deputy of the city council.

The adduced evidence, proving that this is not true and cannot be a ground for deprivation of the mandate, has not been taken into account. Which resulted in the decision to take away the mandate. This decision is illegal, unmotivated and taken under pressure from the chairman of the electoral commission.

All the arguments provided by Ivan Smirenskyi, by candidates for deputies of Chornomorsk city council, by members of the territorial election commission remained unexamined; media representatives were not allowed to attend the meeting altogether. A provision of the law on collegiality was violated as well. The draft decision was not discussed, the provided copies of the documents were ignored by the commission members. In addition, some members of the commission even addressed the deputy in an abusive way during the meeting; the chairman of the commission did nothing to prevent this.

Ivan Smirenskyi is convinced that the chairman of Chornomorsk city election commission violated the law. The deputy said that in the coming days he would address the prosecuting authorities, the court, the Central Election Commission to recognize the commission’s decision illegal and to initiate a criminal proceeding against the criminal actions of the chairman of the commission, Sorokin.

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