Depoliticization of the Prosecutor General’s Office is a duty of the President – Oleh Bereziuk

“The coalition of this Parliament has long ago become a matter-of-fact one. Look at the voting at the website of the Verkhovna Rada: who voted for the last Prosecutor General, and who pressed the red button? Who supported the Prosecutor General whose activities are semi-formally called “Shokin’s reprisal” in the United States? He has completely destroyed a qualitative prosecutor’s office and has turned it into NKVD.  Back then Samopomich voted against this appointment, because it is impossible to overcome the system if it is headed by a person from inside,” said chairman of the “Samopomich Union” parliamentary faction, Oleh Bereziuk, commenting on the recent political vicissitudes regarding appointments to key positions.

“Six months ago, our MP Olena Sotnyk at the meeting with the President filed in writing the evidence of the Prosecutor General’s issuing law regulations that completely run contrary to the philosophy and the letter of law. Today it is necessary to raise the question: who and when will punish the previous Prosecutor General for his actually committing a crime,” said Oleh Romanovych.

At present, one of the most pressing issues is the appointment of a new Prosecutor General. Post-Maidan Ukraine has already undergone two unsuccessful attempts, and there is no moral right for the third one. Responsible politicians should make every effort to ensure that this new person can destroy the old system, and for this matter he must be equally independent from both from government and the oligarchy.

“According to the Constitution, the President is the only one who can choose candidacies for the position. But today it is obvious that the situation is extraordinary: in addition to people’s not trusting the Prosecutor’s Office, they are even afraid of it. Therefore, we are not demanding it from the President, we are asking him, as an institution which is the guarantor of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine: Mr. President, let us act extraordinary, suggest your own candidates for the Parliament’s consideration. Let us approach this issue in an extraordinary way – let us first discuss the candidacies for people not to have any questions left,” this proposal was voiced by the chairman of the faction to his colleagues in the Parliament.

Oleh Berezyuk
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