Kharkiv is absolutely defenceless to attacks from the territory of the Belgorod region – Markevych

Today, between the border and Kharkiv there are virtually no formations of land forces of Ukraine, nor their equipment, and the built last year fortifications are neglected. This was posted by deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction Yaroslav Markevych on his Facebook page after the inspection of military readiness in the Kharkiv region together with an expert from Research Center on Contemporary Conflicts.

According to the MP, such a situation, in case of escalation of the conflict, will allow Russian troops as soon as possible to get into Kharkiv and start the assault.

“Moreover, the anti-aircraft battalion S-300, which protects Kharkiv in the north, has no cover from ground forces, and can be destroyed by enemy tanks and infantry right at the beginning of the offensive,” stated the deputy.

Yaroslav Markevych also notes that during the construction of the fortifications of the reference point at the intersection of Belgorod highway and Kharkiv ring road there was a number of blunders which do not allow the garrison to resist effectively and even to impede the advance of the Russian troops in the event of an offensive.

“In addition, remains open the question about which troops should occupy the new reference point. If no one is sent there, under the influence of weather the fortifications will lose the protective function, as it has already happened with the reference points in the Belgorod highway. Today, many of them are virtually destroyed,” he said.

The deputy draws attention to the fact that so far the reference point is not being guarded. This allows Russian diversionists lay mines and bombs in the fortifications, or even seize the point.

To remedy the situation, according to Markevych, it is necessary, first of all, to establish in Kharkiv a military unit of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine – Kharkiv fortified area. To appoint its commander in charge of the defence of Kharkiv and make subordinate to him all the security forces in the city and in the surrounding areas of the region in the event of the ATO area being extended to the Kharkiv region.

Secondly, to return to the territory of the Kharkiv region the 92th Mechanized Brigade, 22th mechanized infantry battalion (former Kharkiv territorial defence battalion), 3rd operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine.

In addition, to form a garrison of the Kharkiv fortified area on the basis of parts of the Kharkiv garrison, army conscripts, demobilized Kharkiv residents and create territorial defence units.

Ярослав Маркевич
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