“Samopomich” faction decided to abstain from voting for the Constitution in the part of the judicial system

The faction’s decision explained by Oleh Bereziuk:

“We consider some provisions of the bill to be really relevant; in particular, the idea to make it possible to dismiss some of the judges and employ new ones, as provided by these amendments. However, we cannot agree with the other ideas that negate those previous ones:

– A non-transparent and monopolized procedure for appointing new judges,

– The monopoly of lawyers to represent people in courts,

– A three-year postponement of ratification of the Rome Statute,

– An absolutely unclear wording of “the Prosecutor’s Office organizes the work of an investigation”. The Constitution cannot contain any wording whose meaning is not clear, as it will entail inevitable abusing.

Having discussed it all the faction has agreed on the fact that now we are not talking about high-quality legal norms and regulations. It is all about the fact that the people who are serving the oligarchs and who have actually destroyed the state are going to possess a tool which, on the one hand, will allow dismissing judges, but on the other – might be used to establish control over the judicial system. Amendments to the Constitution need no haste. We offer to continue the debates on the reform of the judiciary.”

Oleh Berezyuk
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Constitutional reform