Formation of NAPC turned into a fight of corruptionists against civil society – Soboliev

Selection of members of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption has become a real challenge for civil society because of the obstacles on the part of the corrupt authorities. This was stated by MP, a member of the “Samopomich” Union faction, chairman of the anti-corruption committee, Yehor Soboliev.

“Amidst the great fighting four out of five members of the NAPC have been chosen; they now have to choose their chairman and to launch this agency together with him. The objective of the agency is to collect all the officials’ declarations in an electronic form and to make them public at once for everybody to seen all the declarations of all officials. Moreover, appealing to other databases, registers of property, data banks of the tax service they have to start a real verification of whether what is written by an official in his declaration is true or not,” said the MP.

“What can I say about the results of this competition? It was a fight of corruptionists against civil society for the right to have their people there. I’m not sure that civil society won, that the strongest contenders won in the competition. Of course, I wish all the selected members of the agency to prove that I am wrong, and they are strong people of principle. But as for me, the government, the people of the Prime Minister did everything for this agency to have as little as possible principles,” he stressed.

“We have adopted all the laws necessary for visa-free regime. How this legislation will be implemented, whether there is enough real progress and desire to fully disclose declarations and to prosecute those who lie in their declarations – to make a real fight – is a big question, and it may affect our chances of becoming a part of Europe,” Yehor Soboliev emphasized.

Yehor Sobolev
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