Electronic vote counting will be able to put an end to election fraud – Oleksiy Skrypnyk

Electronic election system will help overcome falsifications of the electoral process and will simplify the process of vote counting. This was said during a briefing by MP from the “Samopomich” Union faction, Chairman of the Temporary special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Future, Oleksiy Skrypnyk.

The bill, whose registration the lawmaker has announced, was elaborated in collaboration with members of several factions, as well as with an expert in the field of e-governance, Jaanika Merilo. It aims to introduce an electronic vote count through the creation of electronic protocols.

“If we do this project with the help of electronic scanners, when the information filled in by a citizen into the ballot will be automatically received in a central database, this will help prevent fraud.

Then it will be very simple to count the votes and with the help of commissions to see the spoiled ballots. Technical results of the vote will be available very soon after the closure of polling stations; then these results can be compared with the results provided by the commissions. The accuracy of the results is supposed to be of 99%, which makes rigging impossible,” said the MP.

The bill suggests introducing a system of optical scanning of ballots for the ballot processing and of automatic drawing up of protocols. It should be noted that a protocol in electronic form is a document that has full force and effect and is a basis for the establishment of the election results.

“This law will be expanded. The next step is the electronic voting system. In such a way we will be able to attract young people who ignore the elections,” said the MP.


Oleksii Skrypnyk
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