Electronic administrative services: in 15 minutes and without bribes

Draft amendments to the law “On administrative services» №4267-1, which is co-authored by “Samopomich” deputies, was registered in the Parliament. It aims at abolishing the state monopoly on administrative services and their transferring to electronic form.

It is suggested to create an electronic database, which will have all the information on all transactions that are made on behalf of the state. This will allow the utilities, local authorities, private companies to provide services to citizens on behalf of the state at one price, according to the same rules: to issue permits, to register companies and organizations, to issue certificates and the like.

Then a civil servant will know: in case of abusing, keeping people in line, simply being rude, there will be an alternative that would make monopoly impossible, would make corruption impossible, would make communication with the public services pleasant – Yehor Soboliev predicts the effects of adoption of the bill.

It will be possible to get administrative services, regardless of location and place of registration. All that will be necessary is to submit an electronic application. The very service will be also available in electronic form provided it does not require using special forms and/or other special material forms of expression (passports, credit cards, license plates, etc.).

The idea of ​​the law embodies what Ukrainians want – to have few officials, but an effective state.

This was reported today at a joint press briefing by chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Preventing and Combating Corruption Yehor Soboliev and founder of the Innovations and Development Foundation of Georgia, Giorgi Vashadze.


Yehor Sobolev
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