Pre-election show of nationwide scale organized for Mykolaiv

Electoral battles have reached their pinnacle in Mykolaiv. Unfortunately, Ukrainian citizens and, in particular, Mykolaiv inhabitants have become witnesses of dirty election technologies.

Today, November 10, on “Inter” TV channel there was an episode of “Concerns Everyone” TV program, a separate unit of which was about an accident which happened four years ago with the participation of the candidate for the post of Mykolaiv mayor, Oleksandr Senkevych. The TV program told a story about a Mykolaiv resident, Olena Sas, who allegedly became disabled as a result of the accident.

We shall note that the conflict actually occurred and was resolved in court. We provide a copy of the judgment of December 24, 2013which concludes that the case was resolved and reports on the state of health of Olena Sas.

In addition, a former law enforcement officer, Vadym Mindrul, who took conduct of Sas-Senkevych case, commented on these events.

He pointed out that a couple of expert examinations, as well as the court’s decision confirmed that Ms. Sas had not sustained even light bodily injuries as a result of the traffic accident.

However, in the program it was stated that she had received serious spinal injuries which had made her “disabled for life.”

We shall note that the broadcast had been actively advertised in the campaign tents of Senkevych’s opponent. Moreover, leaflets calling to watch the “exposing” broadcast on “Inter” TV channel had been placed in public transport.

The team of Mykolaiv mayoral candidate Oleksandr Senkevych condemns such attempts to distort information in order to manipulate public opinion.

In his turn, Oleksandr Senkevych will continue to conduct an honest and open campaign, despite the provocations of his opponent’s staff.

Press Service of Oleksandr Senkevych

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