Decentralization in no way threatens the disintegration of statehood

Decentralization strengthens the state, not weakens it. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroid.

“Decentralization of power makes the state and its citizens richer, stronger, more loyal,” said the parliamentarian.

She believes that in states with a strong center and weak provinces, there is always a tendency that the center dominates, and the province is naturally dissatisfied with the center.

But when people are given the powers that rightfully belong to them, there turn to be fewer claims to the central government.

In addition, the Vice-Speaker notes that prior to the decentralization of powers, the fiscal decentralization should be held.

“It is necessary to ensure that people locally have both the powers and money to realize these powers. Then they will take care of their cities and towns. Then the state will become strong, and there will be no tendencies towards separatist sentiments,” believes Oksana Syroid.

Oksana Syroid
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