“Samopomich” MPs against persecution like “Shuster case” – by deed, not by word

“Samopomich” deputies, Serhiy Kiral, Roman Semenukha, Viktoriia Voitsitska, Iryna Sysoyenko, Yaroslav Markevych and Olena Sotnyk, have elaborated and registered a comprehensive bill to reduce the barriers for foreign investment (№4541). It covers two important components to improve the investment climate in Ukraine:

– cancellation of registration of foreign investments (this requirement is meaningless, since the fact of presence of foreign investments is in the statutory documents anyway and is filled in in the corresponded register of legal entities and self-employed persons; thus, additional registration does not give any useful information, rather leaves room for corruption);

– introduction of changes to the rules of employment and temporary residence of foreigners – to unify and simplify the bureaucratic procedures of registration of permits for employment of foreigners and residence permits, which is very topical in the context of “ostentatious” abolition of Savik Shuster’s permit to work in Ukraine.

“Only through elimination of fuzzy regulations in the legislation that leave room for corruption it is possible to implement European standards and effective approaches to registration of investments and involvement of highly skilled workers,” said the initiator of the legislative initiative “Samopomich” MP, Serhiy Kiral.

Iryna SysoienkoViktoriya VojtsitskaOlena SotnykRoman SemenuhaSerhij KiralЯрослав Маркевич
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