Danchenko: The draft amendments to the budget didn’t take into account the 4.76 billion UAH from 3G sales

From the sale of 3G licenses state budget of Ukraine should get 10.86 billion UAH, and not the 6 billion UAH, mentioned in the draft amendments to the budget. This was announced by deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Chairman of the Committee on Information and Communications Oleksandr Danchenko.

“Yesterday there was an auction on the sale of three licenses. Accordingly, the state budget should receive 8.7 billion UAH for issuing licenses, 400 million UAH for the use of radio frequency resource of Ukraine and UAH 1.76 billion to a special fund of the Defence Ministry for conversion,”– said the deputy.

However, only 6  billion UAH are built into the revenues of the state budget.

In this regard, the deputies appealed to the Government to clarify whether these 4.76 billion UAH are built into the budget, and in which exactly articles.

Oleksandr Danchenko
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