The better the procedure of special confiscation is spelled out in the law, the greater the chances of the state to get back its property are – Sotnyk

“Samopomich” offers to solve the problem of special confiscation comprehensively. The relevant draft law (№3229) has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada on the initiative of a deputy of the faction, Olena Sotnyk.

“This bill, first of all, clearly defines the procedural status of the property owners to whom special confiscation can be applied. In particular, an owner is guaranteed the rights to have his representative, to gather evidence, to initiate an examination, to appeal, etc.” said the deputy.

In addition, the bill complements the Code of Criminal Procedure with a new chapter which details the very procedure of the special confiscation of property.

“The prosecutor is obliged to prove a causal link between the offense committed and the property. At the same time the document proposes to introduce the possibility of special confiscation in the case of a person’s being on a wanted list or in a case of a person’s death,” she explained.

Also, if adopted, the bill will make special confiscation applicable only to corruption crimes.

“In connection with the adoption of a new anti-corruption legislation – the issue of confiscation of property of corrupt origin will appear before the court and law enforcers. Therefore, we propose to introduce a clear and comprehensive framework of this procedure,” said Sotnyk.


Olena Sotnyk
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