Majority in the Parliament got scared of the transparency of open lists – Semenukha

None of the political blocs hold up till the next election, therefore, their legalization is cheating people. This was said by deputy of the “Samopomich” Union faction Roman Semenukha on air of 112 channel.

He notes that the faction is ready to support the adopted in the first reading law on local elections, but insists on its improvement.

“We insist on reducing the number of deputies of local councils, protection of ballots, restrictions on political advertising and banning blocs,” stated the deputy.

Also Roman Semenukha says that “Samopomich” is against any elections in the occupied Donbas until the aggressor’s troops are withdrawn.

“Yesterday, during the meeting with the President, these issues were negotiated, and he assured that the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction also shared these ideas,” he stated.

As for the open lists, the deputy stressed that the “Samopomich” faction insisted on introduction of such a system and it was enshrined in the coalition agreement. However, the law which provided for that didn’t receive the support in the parliamentary hall.

“Unfortunately, we have only 30 votes of our faction, and this is not always enough. In addition, there is great fear in the parliament that the system of open lists will not allow the parliamentarians to bring to office the people they want,” said the MP.

Roman Semenuha
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