Most people are below the poverty line because of unprofessional governance. What kind of reform is it?

The Verkhovna Rada is to create the rules that are to protect the citizens of Ukraine.

“We suggest introducing the principle of affordability for everything that has a decisive influence on the family budget (such as utilities). This means that if more than 40% of households cannot afford to pay the bills, then such price cannot be set. 9 out of 16 million households are going to receive subsidies, the majority of Ukrainians are actually put below the poverty line. This is not a normal situation,” says MP from Samopomich Aliona Babak.

Paradoxical is the fact that Ukraine is one of the first countries of the world to adopt a special method of calculating the economic efficiency. But besides being adopted it must also be applied (for instance, Armenia and Moldova are already using our method in implementing their reforms).

“Samopomich” Union invites the authorities to start a constructive dialogue, since it can hardly be called a reform when most people are below the poverty line due to a poor governance decision.

Alona Babak

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