Due to the negligence of bureaucrats, the fighters who liberated Lysychansk still cannot be rewarded – Markevych

While officials in the rear massively register the participant in military operations licenses for themselves, the National Guard administration refuses to award the fighters of the “Donbas” battalion, who last year took part in the liberation of Lysychansk, because it cannot find them in their data bases. This was announced by MP of the “Samopomich” Union faction Yaroslav Markevych.

“Together with Pavlo Kyshkar, we have sent a submission to reward the fighters of the “Donbas” battalion, who took part in the liberation of the city from the separatists. However, the National Guard administration has reported that it will not award the “Donbass” soldiers,” said the MP.

The National Guard accounts for the fact that, according to their information, the “Donbas” fighters did not participate in the assault of Lysychansk, and entered the city two days after its liberation.

According to the MP, the situation may be due to the absence of the fighters’ official registration at the National Guard at the time of the last year’s events.

“Last summer, many volunteers were more engaged in the tasks at the front than in the bureaucratic procedures at the headquarters. But this should not be an obstacle for the state to at least reward them,” he said.

The deputy stresses this is not the first time that the men who were the first to go to the front and prove themselves in battles, cannot get their rewards now.

To find a comprehensive solution to this problem, according to the deputy, it is necessary for the Interior Ministry to introduce a system of keeping records of those unregistered soldiers.

“The issue can be solved. On the basis of the submissions from the unit commanders of the National Guard, who were registered at the time of certain operations, we can compile a list of the fighters who served in the hot spots at the front without being properly registered,” he explains.

Ярослав Маркевич
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