Avakov and Dekanoidze ignored the meeting of the anti-corruption committee – Soboliev

Today, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, and the chairman of the National Police, Khatia Dekanoidze, ignored the meeting of the anti-corruption committee of the Verkhovna Rada. This was reported by the Chairman of the Committee, a member of the “Samopomich” Union faction, Yehor Soboliev.

The officials were supposed to report to the MPs on the appointment of Vasyl Paskal to the position of deputy police chief.

“We are the representatives of the people invited to discuss a very serious topic –appointment of Zakharchenko’s people to the new police. Zakharchenko assigned Paskal to lead all criminal investigations – this is a very important area. He was in charge of everything that happened in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Now he became the Deputy Chairman of the entire police force. There is a risk that the new project will soon go to waste and will resemble the old militia,” said Soboliev.

However, the minister and chairman of the police have not expressed a wish to explain the decision. In their turn, the MPs warn of the risks of failure to communicate with the public.

“If the parliamentary methods fail to work, the street methods will be used. One cannot avoid responsibility in our present society. All the people who have discredited themselves, both before and after Euromaidan, must leave office. Not a single faction can avoid responsibility. There must be a clear answer as to what to do with the government which has failed very important tasks – it has neither launched economic development, nor put an end to the corruption, or conducted any governmental cleansing,” warned the deputy.

On Friday, November 27, at 9:30 the activists of the Public Lustration Committee will come to the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs demanding to dismiss Vasyl Paskal from the post of First Deputy Chairman of the National Police of Ukraine – Head of the criminal police. The protest will be held in 10 Akademika Bohomoltsia Str.

Yehor Sobolev
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