7 demands of “Samopomich” as for tax reform

1. Not to bring another “gift under the Christmas tree” in the form of an unacceptable tax reform: people are waiting for stability and respect.

2. To adopt a number of changes that will let approve the budget and ensure that the state carries out its obligations to people.

3. To pursue the matter: unified social tax’s reform was launched with the system of coefficients – the law on the coefficient of 0.6 in 2016 for all taxpayers cannot be just canceled because this will completely destroy the trust of business. To replace this mechanism with a single rate of 22% of unified social tax for everybody.

4. To support agriculture: to begin debates on abolition of the special regime only after an equivalent instrument to support the industry is introduced.

5. To allow payers out of their preference to exercise the right to pay the tax on distributed profits (with the payment of dividends only).

6. To ensure automatic refund of VAT to exporters without any conditions or restrictions by eliminating corruption elements.

7. To support small and medium businesses. To save the simplified system by separating big business from it.

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