On 20 December in Lviv there will be a meeting with Soboliev and Semenchenko

December 20, Sunday, at 2 pm in Lviv there will be a discussion meeting on the topic, “Why are frauds still winning in Ukraine and how to stop it?”

The meeting was initiated by people’s deputies Yehor Soboliev and Semen Semenchenko. Address: 6 Mateiko Str., floor 9, hotel “Dnister.”

2 years after Euromaidan key state institutions continue to operate in the interests of corruptionists and outright state traitors. Yanukovych’s schemes are still there, as well as most of his people, who are now faithfully serving to the new leadership of the state. Why do frauds continue winning in Ukraine and how to stop it? Euromaidan participants, volunteers and participants of the war for independence, activists and just those indifferent are invited to participate in the meeting.

Yehor SobolevSemen Semenchenko
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