Secretary of the city council Natalia Chyzh attacked in Zhytomyr

During the session of the Zhytomyr city council, a public activist attacked the secretary of the council and the head of the regional Samopomich organization Natalia Chyzh. A fight between activists broke out in session hall, when one of them took away a poster from the presidium table. While the police were trying to calm down the hooligans, activist Volodymyr Kolodzynskyi caught up with the secretary of the city council, poured water over her and began to threaten her. Natalia Chyzh reports:

“When it all started in the hall, they began to fight, I ran out into the corridor. He ran out after me, started pouring water on me, threatening me that I would not live here, in this city. I do not understand why he did this, I had not had any personal conflicts with him. I wrote an appeal to law enforcement, I want to live in peace.”

The behaviour of the activists was condemned by deputies and the mayor, who are preparing an appeal to the police and the Security Service of Ukraine regarding the attack on the secretary of the city council.


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