“The Parliament failed to consider some important laws within the framework of the healthcare day,” Iryna Sysoyenko

Despite the fact that today the deputies considered four bills that relate to medical sphere, unfortunately, this parliamentary day cannot be called fruitful. This was stated by Samopomich MP, deputy chairperson of the Committee on Health, Iryna Sysoyenko.

Bill №4074 is an important one that was adopted today in the first reading.

It provides access to the results of clinical studies and trials at the time of registration of medicines. Thus, doctors who prescribe medicines to their patients can be sure that the medicines are safe and have the effect specified in the instruction. According to Iryna Sysoyenko, this is a very important step in the fight against the so-called “pseudo-medicine” on which people spend a lot of money, and due to which drug companies enrich.

“However, we still expect that other important comprehensive legislations aimed at health care reforming will be considered in the parliamentary hall. Among them there is a bill on the autonomy of medical institutions that will deal with shadow flow of finances from the patients’ pockets and introduce a payment system for doctors specifically for the medical services provided, which is important for their salaries. But, unfortunately, this bill cannot get to the parliamentary hall, just like a very important bill on transplantation,” said Iryna Sysoyenko.

Iryna Sysoienko
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