Bill on urban agglomerations registered in the Verkhovna Rada

According to Liubomyr Zubach, people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union, on July 17, a draft law on urban agglomerations was registered in the parliament. The draft law defines the concept of a city agglomeration, the conditions and procedure for its formation, and the principles of its activity at the legislative level.

An explanatory note to the bill states that developed countries (the USA, Canada, France, etc.) have long introduced the terms “agglomeration” and “urban agglomeration” into their legislative field and are actively supporting the formation of agglomerations as powerful resources for increasing competitiveness and economic growth. However, in the legislative field of our state the term “agglomeration” still remains at the level of the urban planning category and the unimplemented direction of the administrative reform concept.

Therefore, the authors believe that the adoption and implementation of the bill will allow creating conditions for the economic growth of the regions due to the recognition at the legislative level of such objectively created entities as urban agglomerations and their involvement into a broad intermunicipal cooperation.

According to Liubomyr Zubach, the work on drafting the bill has been ongoing for more than a year; more than twenty people’s deputies representing five factions of the parliament – Samopomich Union included – have been creating it together.

“An important stage of explanatory and awareness-building work, which will ensure the adoption of the law in the future, is awaiting us. I hope this will happen in the near future, because this law is really needed for the state, which should be using the potential of large cities for the sake of economic and infrastructure development of the whole country,” the MP notes.

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