Cabinet supports the tour operator which harmed thousands of Ukrainians?

Anna Romanova once again appealed to the government regarding the “Join Up” company, whose actions massively affected Ukrainian and Belarusian tourists, who had to wait at airports all over the world for more than 10 hours, were sent to cheaper hotels or could not go on their pre-paid holiday at all. This summer, scandalous situations with the “Join Up” tour operator happened almost daily. The deceived people were forced to go to the police, a criminal case was opened against the unscrupulous tour operator in connection with a fraud.

According to unofficial estimates, according to media sources, this tourist season, more than 3,000 tourists became victims of the ridiculous actions of the tour operator. However, instead of conducting checks and taking action in relation to the fraudsters, the government represented by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade turns a blind eye to “Join up”.

In particular, at the International Tourism Exhibition UITM, which is the largest tourist exhibition in Ukraine, a person who introduced himself as an adviser to the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development and Trade, praised the tour operator “Join up” and expressed his gratitude to it in his speech.

Anna Romanova says, “I have repeatedly asked the government, the regulator to conduct checks, to fine, or even better to deprive of licenses the unscrupulous tour operators. I have recently received yet another response saying there has not been a single check so far.”

Will there be any checks at all? The parliamentarian says that in the schedule of inspections, there are only small tour operators. At the same time, “Join up”, which violated the rights of tourists and against which a criminal case was launched, is not on the list, despite numerous appeals to the ministry.

Anna Romanova is indignant, “For a long time, I could not understand why it is like this. And now we see the adviser to the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of economy of Ukraine – the one who is responsible for the development of tourism and tourism policy – praising this tour operator.

The politician has already registered an appeal to the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine asking the latter whether the praise of his deputy means that the Cabinet of Ministers supports “Join Up”.

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