A member of Samopomich beaten in Kharkiv

Today two unidentified people beat up a deputy of the Kharkiv regional council, Dmytro Bulakh.

The attack took place around 12 pm on Wednesday, August 30. Dmytro Bulakh was coming out of the entrance of the house where he lives when he was attacked. This was reported by Kharkiv City Council deputy Ihor Cherniak. According to him, there were two attackers.

“At first they hit him with a heavy object on the head from behind and then beat him with their feet. The injuries are serious,” said Cherniak.

The ambulance took Bulakh to the emergency hospital; it is likely that his ribs are broken. Today in the afternoon the deputy was to meet with the chief architect of the Kharkiv region, Mykhailo Rabinovych.

The meeting was scheduled for 12.30, which was known to a very narrow circle of people. As early as at 12.00 Bulakh was talking on the phone, and then he left for the meeting.

Dmytro Bulakh is the founder of the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center; on October 25, 2015 he was elected to the Kharkiv Regional Council of the Seventh Convocation (Samopomich Union).

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