Questioning of Andriy Sadovyi in the Prosecutor General’s Office continues

The Mayor of Lviv and the leader of the Samopomich Union – Andriy Sadovyi – was summoned for questioning to the Prosecutor General’s Office today as a witness in the case “The State of Ukraine vs. the Industrial Park in Lviv”.

As Andriy Sadovyi has noted, he was summoned for the interrogation by an investigator last Friday, “However, employees of the Prosecutor’s Office had been seizing documents in various divisions of the City Council prior to this. That is, as far as I understand they have been working on this issue for a long time already.”

The Mayor says that Lviv is cooperating with CTP company for the creation and operation of the industrial park. The company won an international competition for the management of the future industrial park in the industrial zone of Riasne-2, and is one of the largest developers in Europe.

“I am genuinely surprised by the fact that the Prosecutor General’s Office is interfering into the city’s work in terms of attracting investors and creating new jobs. I’ve always thought that it should work vice versa – that there will be maximum assistance from the government and all state services. And now we are being attacked from everywhere.

We want to build a high-quality industrial park, which could be an example for whole Ukraine. This is 3 thousand jobs, about 50 million euros – which is only the first investment – and then all 30 enterprises that will work there will make their investments,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

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