Soboliev: On Thursday there will be attempts to adopt 3 corruptogenic documents in the Parliament

Unfortunately, there are more and more attempts to legalize corruption or create opportunities for new corruption schemes in this Parliament. This was reported by MP from “Samopomich”, Yehor Soboliev, on his Facebook page.
According to him, over the past year and a half all the bills in which the parliamentary Committee on Preventing and Combating Corruption found signs of corruption did not become laws. Either corruption provisions were cut out or the bill was not adopted at all.
“However, judging by the talks, the mood in the parliamentary hall, and the agenda I see that the immunity which was once boosted by Euromaidan is compromised again. And there are less parliamentarians who are ready to actively resist the attempts to drag through a corruption law,” says the MP.
This Thursday there will be at least three attempts to adopt corrupt documents. These are the following bills:
– No. 3132 which allows shadow privatization of key enterprises whose privatization is prohibited (follow the link to see the authors and what our Committee treats as potential corruption)
– 2475 which creates a state enterprise to which all the money from the river charges will go instead of the budget, which is a very different level of control over their spending;
– 1351-1 which, on the one hand, legalizes the extraction of amber, which is very good, but on the other – creates a monopoly in the hands of local managers, which will result in greater abusing for sure.
“Of course, I will again warn all my colleagues in the Parliament about the risks of corruption before the vote for these bills. But it will be more reliable if you keep an eye. We didn’t let the worst corruption regulations become laws so far. But now we need more public attention for this resistance to be still effective,” summed up Yehor Soboliev.
Authors of the greatest number of bills which we declared corruptogenic over the four sessions of this Parliament work

Yehor Sobolev
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