“Education has remained neglected in the budget-2019” – Anna Romanova

According to MP Anna Romanova from the Samopomich Union faction, the expenditures on education have been decreased in the draft state budget for 2019.

First of all, the funding for the “Secondary and New Ukrainian Schools” programs has been reduced by 100 million hryvnias as compared to 2018. The parliamentarian says, “Interestingly, the funding of the Prosecutor’s General Office has increased by exactly 100 million hryvnias.”

“Everyone says that it is necessary to support vocational education,” continues Anna Romanova, “Yet, funding for the training of personnel has been reduced by a million hryvnias as well. This is something that Ukraine really needs, because our workers are leaving en masse since the system of vocational education is almost collapsing.”

Thirdly, educational subventions for the payment of salaries to teachers are insufficiently financed. Despite the fact that funding has increased slightly, we cannot be sure that this will be enough. For example, the issue of teachers’ salaries has not been settled.

The parliamentarian draws attention to the fact that funding for 69 technical schools (which were supposed to be excluded from state funding) was successfully retained, due to the personal intervention of Anna Romanova, among other things. She concludes, “Between the first and second reading, we managed to insist on a subvention in the state budget of 400 million. But still, they are under threat, because, as a matter of fact, twice as much is needed.”

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