“In any country of the world, such an investigation would be a reason for impeachment” – Sadovyi

However, there is simply no real procedure in Ukraine.” Candidate for the post of president of Ukraine Andriy Sadovyi commented on the investigation of corruption in the defence sector, published by BIHUS.info.

According to him, statements about the “impeachment” made by another candidate are nothing more than a publicity move on this candidate’s part, since there is no real impeachment procedure in Ukraine.

“March 31 is the only day when Ukrainians can carry out their own impeachment. Lawfully, calmly and confidently!” noted Sadovyi.

Earlier, the presidential candidate stated that a bill on the termination of presidential powers would be one of his first initiatives in office. “Today we don’t have a regulation in the law for how to do this”.

We shall recall that on February 25, “BIHUS.info” published investigations about how people from Petro Poroshenko’s entourage were covering embezzlements in the defence sphere. The corruption scheme involved the son of the NSDC deputy secretary Ihor Hladkovskyi.

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