“In 2018, the budget lost $3.1 billion because of customs schemes” – Tetiana Ostrikova

An honest, independent and strong customs administration, which will ensure equal conditions and fair competition among entrepreneurs, is what MP Tetiana Ostrikova has been fighting for in this parliament being the head of the parliamentary subcommittee on customs issues.

“For all these years I have been working to separate the customs from the tax office, since these bodies have radically different functions. The customs is about protection, in the first place – the protection of economic borders, the protection from drug trafficking, from the traffic of weapons. And our customs is a “black hole” of the budget. According to the latest data from Ukraine Economic Outlook, in 2018, we lost 3.1 billion US dollars at the customs,” said Tetiana Ostrikova.

MP Ostrikova, who is a candidate to the next parliament on the Samopomich list, is convinced that in the next convocation of the parliament she will complete what she has been fighting for during the previous 5 years. In addition, she has sent all her proposals on customs reform to the President of Ukraine.

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