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Early elections would be the defeat of Ukrainian democratic system, Oleh Bereziuk

Oleh Bereziuk, leader of the “Samopomich Union” faction, commented on the advisability of the fall elections to the Verkhovna Rada…

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Elections by open lists: a step towards overcoming political corruption

“Oligarchs are a source of political corruption with which all the Ukrainian society has to fight, because we won’t combat…

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Oleh Bereziuk appealed to the Parliament to adopt a new electoral law

Since the 2000s the oligarchy has captured Ukraine and has been using the public budget for its own purposes. And…

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In any civilized country, the parliamentarian who gets involved in a corruption scandal has to resign – Yehor Soboliev

The parliamentarians who are suspected of involvement in corruption schemes and cannot provide proof of their innocence should resign. This…

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Electronic vote counting will be able to put an end to election fraud – Oleksiy Skrypnyk

Electronic election system will help overcome falsifications of the electoral process and will simplify the process of vote counting. This…

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Risks of fraud in the elections in Kryvyi Rih: special voting stations and fake observers

There are risks of violations of the voting process and of falsification of the results during the election of mayor…

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Violation of election campaigning in Kryvyi Rih: Vilkul is using administrative resources

During the election campaign of the mayoral elections in Kryvyi Rih observers have registered violations of the law. The current…

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“Samopomich” Union registered a bill on elections to the district councils of Kyiv

Today, March 15, at the initiative of the “Samopomich” Union in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine a bill appointing elections…

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Government should resign, but there is no sense in early elections – Oleh Bereziuk

Early elections will not stabilize the situation until the government manages to provide efficient administrative processes and protect the most…

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