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Ruslan Sydorovych: It’s ridiculous not to let the corruptionists’ property end up in the state budget”

The issue of special confiscation has once again been raised in the Parliament on December 8 when the deputies considered…

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“Samopomich Union” official position on the law on special confiscation

“Samopomich Union” faction believes that in order to protect the rights of private property and the bona fide owners some…

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“Special confiscation must be irreversible,” Olena Sotnyk

“Recovery must be inevitable, firm and legally justified. So that none of the international courts, especially the European Court of…

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The bill on special confiscation intends to save Yanukovych’s fortune – “Samopomich”

“Samopomich” insists on introducing amendments to the bill on special confiscation. The faction’s members say that this law may be…

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Law on special confiscation will legalize the stolen funds of Yanukovych – Olena Sotnyk

Someone will make money on reselling “Eurobonds” of Ukraine at a discount, and the state will suffer losses twice. Adoption…

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It is important to combine the legislative process with the executive one – Bereziuk

The “Samopomich” faction, despite reservations about the quality of some of the bills, votes for all the bills of the…

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The main discussion in the Parliament is on the bills on special confiscation and asset recovery agency – Vice-Speaker

The main debates in the Parliament today concern two bills relating to the special confiscation and the asset recovery agency.

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For laws on special confiscation to start working we need efficient prosecutor’s office and courts – Soboliev

The President of Ukraine, the Interior Minister, the Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine and heads of the State…

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The better the procedure of special confiscation is spelled out in the law, the greater the chances of the state to get back its property are – Sotnyk

“Samopomich” offers to solve the problem of special confiscation comprehensively. The relevant draft law (№3229) has been registered in the…

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Law on special confiscation will not make up for the failed operations of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Sotnyk

The law on special confiscation will not make up for the failed operations of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the…

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