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“Despite the lack of traditions of parliamentarism in Ukraine, and most importantly, despite the dependence on oligarchs, this parliament is still resisting,” Oleh Bereziuk

“Unfortunately, there is no tradition of parliamentarism in Ukraine. Oligarchs having their own political projects and pursuing their goals take…

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Even during Yanukovych regime such things would not happen – when a draft resolution is falsified in the process of its adoption

“Even during Yanukovych regime such things would not happen – when a draft resolution is falsified in the process of…

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Samopomich unanimously supported criminal prosecution, detention and arrest of MP Onyshchenko

“Samopomich faction believes that it is an important precedent – beginning of investigation of top corruption is only the first…

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Starting with July 1, intensive care units will open their doors for the relatives and friends of patients 24/7

“From now on, the approach to access of relatives and friends of the patients in intensive care has completely changed….

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On July 14 voting for the law on appointment of elections in Donbas might take place

According to Roman Semenukha, on Thursday, July 14, it is planned to adopt the law which would appoint elections in…

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Just 2 signatures separate us from affordable cars

The law providing for reduction of excise duties and cheapening of used imported cars could not be signed by the…

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We urgently need to do something about doctors’ wages, Iryna Sysoyenko

Today, on the eve of the Medical Worker’s Day, MP from the “Samopomich Union” faction, Iryna Sysoyenko, reminded about a…

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We offer the government to abandon the practice of contracting imposed by IMF expensive credits and to pay attention to such mechanisms as the cross-border cooperation instead – Olena Sotnyk

“Cross-border cooperation is a unique tool for technical financial assistance from the EU. These are not loans on unfavourable for…

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Chief tax officials were not fired because of the collusion of deputies with the oligarchic groups

“Today, when considering the issue of recognizing unsatisfactory the work of the State Fiscal Service’s chiefs and deciding to recommend…

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Pharmaceutical mafia won’t let go of Ukraine’s medicine market

“Samopomich” faction will not support the bill 4484 on state re-registration of medicinal products, since it is distorted by the…

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