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Yehor Soboliev: Today, the only correct option is the isolation of the occupied territories

At the today’s meeting of the leaders in “Normandy format”, Ukraine should demonstrate its steadfast stance and stay determined. This…

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On July 14 voting for the law on appointment of elections in Donbas might take place

According to Roman Semenukha, on Thursday, July 14, it is planned to adopt the law which would appoint elections in…

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Oksana Syroid: how to return the occupied territories

“To save the state and overcome the external threat, under no circumstances can we do the following two things: we…

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Samopomich supports all peaceful forms of civil protest against elections in Donbas

We are keeping a watchful eye on those who are going to introduce the law on “elections in the temporarily…

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Alternative to Minsk is recognition of occupation and isolation of the occupied territories, Oleh Bereziuk

An alternative to Minsk agreements does exist. This is recognition of occupation of the territories by Russia and their isolation….

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USA expecting elections in Donbas in the summer – Viktoriia Voitsitska

US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, met with the representatives of the parliamentary factions. “Samopomich” was represented by Viktoriia…

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Verkhovna Rada committee reviewed the bill “On temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine”

Two years ago, April 13, the term “ATO” officially came into usage: the Minister of Internal Affairs announced the start…

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