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Aliona Babak: If we do not restructure the debts of public utility companies, people will be the one to pay them off

Today in the first reading the Parliament supported a draft law on restructuring the debt of heat supply companies and…

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The Cabinet has no approved financial plan of Naftogaz for 2016, Babak

The “Samopomich Union” parliamentary faction received a reply from the Cabinet to their request for information on the financial plan…

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The government should shift the priority from supporting Naftogaz to supporting people

“When the government says that the price of Ukrainian gas is becoming the market one, we as consumers should not…

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Between populism and cynicism we must find the happy medium of pragmatism

“According to the official data published on the website of Naftogaz of Ukraine, the profit from the sale of the…

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5 billion shall be spent on energy efficiency, not just wasted

“This year should be declared by the government only the year of road repairs, but at least, the year of…

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