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Samopomich statement about the pressure exercised onto the first deputy chairperson of the Lviv regional council, Paraskeviya Dvorianyn

There is an ongoing war in our country. This is the time when we must be united as never before….

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Paraskeviya Dvorianyn: I do not understand the deputies who in their desire to pressurize Samopomich sacrifice the interests of the communities

Some forces are trying to establish control over the competition of local development micro-projects. Deputies gave their 51 votes to…

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Serhiy Kiral: Searches in the Lviv City Council are a proof of selectivity in the work of the unreformed Prosecutor General’s Office

People’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Serhiy…

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On detention of a “Samopomich” deputy of the Lviv regional council, Vasyl Savchyn

July 29 we learned from the media about the arrest of a “Samopomich” deputy in the Lviv regional council, a…

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Next meeting of PACE Sub-Committee is to be held in Lviv

The next meeting of the PACE Sub-Committee on Environment and Energy will take place in Lviv, Serhiy Kiral, Samopomich.

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Official Statement of “Samopomich Union” regarding Lviv regional council’s deputy being caught in receiving a bribe

Inna Svystun, “Samopomich Union” faction leader in Lviv regional council. “We do acknowledge the fact that this situation concerns our…

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On May 30 at Hrybovychi landfill near Lviv a tragedy happened: first, a fire broke out, and then while putting…

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Львів відзначить 72-у річницю створення Української повстанської армії

14 жовтня в Україні відзначають 72-у річницю створення Української повстанської армії. З цієї нагоди у Львові 14 жовтня об 11.00…

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