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Activists held a rally against the tyranny of the Prosecutor General’s Office in Kyiv

August 17, about 300 people gathered for a rally against the tyranny of the Prosecutor General’s Office and in order…

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The prosecutor’s office and the police are having a dig on the cases against Lviv city council from the time of Pshonka, Sadovyi

“We have received information on reopening of a criminal case against the leadership of Lviv motor carrier for the purchase…

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How to assign the right person for Prosecutor General-2, Olena Sotnyk

Hardly has everybody stopped talking about the yesterday’s bill on “How to assign the right person for Prosecutor General”, a…

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Manipulations with the appointment of Prosecutor General contribute to the complete failure of the prosecutor’s office’s reform, Oksana Syroid

“Yesterday the Parliament actually rejected the bill that could allow Mr. Lutsenko or any other candidate without law degree to…

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“Samopomich” deputies managed to prevent “button punching”

There were not enough votes to push through the law which would allow appointing “the right person” to the position…

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There’s no reason to make another President’s friend the Prosecutor General

“We in this Parliament have already dismissed two friends of the President from the position of Prosecutor General. There is…

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Depoliticization of the Prosecutor General’s Office is a duty of the President – Oleh Bereziuk

“The coalition of this Parliament has long ago become a matter-of-fact one. Look at the voting at the website of…

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Charges against Shabunin and Sakvarelidze: a persecution of “undesirables” – Soboliev

Embezzlement charges against Vitaliy Shabunin and Davit Sakvarelidze filed by the Prosecutor General’s Office are an example of selective justice….

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