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Yehor Soboliev: Every time encountering a politician, ask them, “Can you elaborate on your declaration, please?”

Public disappointment is the worst thing that can be expected for Ukraine after the public opening of the officials’ capitals….

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Oleh Bereziuk: If the National Anti-Corruption Bureau doesn’t open any cases on declarations, the natural aggression of the Ukrainians will be used against the state

Officials, politicians, judges, who won’t be able to explain the origin of their assets mentioned in their electronic declarations, should…

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“It’s high time we got rid of the people who cannot even explain the origin of their property but want to govern the country,” Yehor Soboliev

It’s time for those in the Verkhovna Rada who claim their fight for the interests of the poor to explain…

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Yehor Soboliev: Submitting of declarations is only the first step. Now it is important to explain the origin of the property

The problem of the Ukrainian state is not its judges, prosecutors or law enforcement officers. MP from the Samopomich Union…

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Yehor Soboliev: Soon we will celebrate the transition to a new level of openness of the officials’ property

There are four days left for Ukrainian officials to fill out electronic declarations. As noted by the chairman of the…

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Soboliev: Corrupt officials can take advantage of the amendments to the law on e-declarations

Amending the law “On electronic declaration” without discussion with the public may allow corrupt officials to talk about the unreliability…

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How to detect corrupt officials by verifying their declarations

September 1 the system of electronic declarations started operating in Ukraine. Within 60 days all government officials, prosecutors, judges, deputies…

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Fear of e-declarations makes corrupt officials resign, Soboliev

A fear of the electronic declaration system makes Ukrainian corrupt officials resign from their posts, said MP from the “Samopomich”…

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Lies in declarations can land officials in jail for 2 years, Soboliev

Today, 31 August, the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection issued a security certificate to the system of…

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Americans and Europeans are outraged because of the breakdown of e-declarations implementation, Soboliev

Foreign diplomats are outraged because of the attempts to fake up a hacking into the e-declarations system, said MP from…

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