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Just 2 signatures separate us from affordable cars

The law providing for reduction of excise duties and cheapening of used imported cars could not be signed by the…

tags: Tetyana Ostrikova
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Starting with July 1 used cars will become more affordable

Parliament has approved a bill that will lead to a substantial reduction in the price for used cars – the…

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Ukraine needs a strategy to combat traffic death – Ihor Didenko

Road accidents death rate in Ukraine is one of the highest in the world; however, the government still does not…

tags: Ihor Didenko
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“Samopomich” deputies took up the issue of road safety neglected by the authorities

Every year more than 5,000 people are killed on the roads of Ukraine: these are mostly young people and children;…

tags: Ihor Didenko
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“Samopomich” has not supported the bill establishing the terms for transit traffic of vehicles

Ukrainian MPs from the “Samopomich” faction abstained from supporting the bill № 1393 of December 11, 2014 (“On Amendments to…

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