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Yehor Soboliev: The leadership of the state has a choice. Make it in the interests of Ukraine!

Recently, the homes of five participants of the “Great Political Reform” action and ATO veterans were searched. According to Yehor…

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Yehor Soboliev: The country cannot move on without creating at least one proper court

A Samopomich Union faction deputy and the chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Yehor Soboliev is convinced…

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(УКР) Антикорупційний суд: бути чи не бути

(УКР) Як і коли в Україні запрацює система покарання корупціонерів

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Ruslan Sydorovych: Without a fair court Ukrainian citizens will be absolutely rightless

Since the last plenary week, the parliament has been considering three new procedural codes: the Civil Code, Economic Code, and…

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“The parliament’s session without consideration of bills on limitation of deputies’ immunity and the Anti-Corruption Court is an imitation of work” – Roman Semenukha

In the opinion of Roman Semenukha, people’s deputy representing Samopomich Union faction, today the parliament is planning to “carve-up” the…

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Soboliev: Parliament must create an Anti-Corruption Court and limit immunity

As noted by MP representing Samopomich Union, Yehor Soboliev, yesterday the society had an opportunity to see how big the…

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Yehor Soboliev: “It is important to set up the Anti-Corruption Court as soon as possible”

According to Yehor Soboliev, Samopomich MP, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office are the only investigators and…

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