The parliament once again lacked votes to support the bill 6598, which could have brought Ukraine closer to civilized states and would stop barbarism in relation to animals.

Let me remind you that the document is about the protection of various categories of animals: stray, wild, domestic, agricultural ones, those used in scientific research.

It eliminates euthanasia and proposes bio-sterilization as a method of population control. It bans begging with animals, provides for the seizure of a pet by a court decision in case of ill-treatment, for an examination of the body of an animal at the request of an investigator in the case of killing an animal.

Unfortunately, these proposals did not find support among the deputies.

What does it mean?

  1. It means that Ukraine will continue to be a leader in terms of the number of stray animals.

According to zoo-defenders, the number of stray dogs in a town amounts to 250-500. In a big city, their number can reach 10,000. These are approximate figures.

  1. Instead of regulating the number of stray animals in a qualitative way, communal services will continue to massively kill them.

A striking example is Kharkiv, where, in 2016 alone, the community centre Animal Treatment Centre killed more than 90% of stray dogs and cats by euthanasia. In 2017, the city budget allocated more than 16 million hryvnias for this, in 2018 – 23 million. Over the last 8 years, about 100 million hryvnias have been spent on the destruction of animals in total. Does such a cruel control method really regulate the number of animals? The answer is no. But it is beneficial for Ukrainian communal enterprises. After all, if stray animals disappear from the streets, these enterprises will be left without budget money. Therefore, their priority is to continue an endless struggle with consequences, instead of fighting with the root cause.

Roman Semenuha
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