“Tourism brings 17 billion hryvnias per year to the economy of Lviv” – Sadovyi

“Over the past year, tourism has generated more than 17 billion hryvnias for the economy of Lviv. That is a real industry that provides resources for tens of thousands of people.

The growth over the past 7 years has been almost four-fold. This is important, because about 10 percent of the money of the global economy is in the tourism industry today,” Andriy Sadovyi spoke about this in his video blog on YouTube.

According to Andriy Sadovyi, such a result was achieved primarily due to the development of the Lviv airport. “Aviation is one of the key elements for the successful launch of the economy. In addition to this, aviation is the artery that connects the country. In a country that calls itself an aviation state, there have to be low-cost flight connections between all cities, not just via Kyiv at exorbitant prices.”

We shall recall that earlier Lviv entered the top 100 most visited cities in the world according to the rating of the international organization Euromonitor.

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