This is not a case against me or my colleagues, this is a case against investments in Ukraine – Andriy Sadovyi after questioning at the Prosecutor General’s Office

Today, the Prosecutor General’s Office interrogated the Mayor of Lviv and the leader of the Samopomich Union – Andriy Sadovyi – concerning the case “The State of Ukraine vs. the Industrial Park in Lviv”.

According to Andriy Sadovyi, the real goal of the criminal proceeding is the continuation of political repression and, at the same time, a revenge on Lviv for the fact that it began the implementation of the industrial park project. After all, the employees of the City Council acted in accordance with the current legislation in the implementation of the project and in cooperation with the “CTP” company, which had won an international competition for the management of industrial park in the industrial zone of Riasne-2.

“What I understood today from the questions of the employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office confused me: this attitude of the state towards business is killing any investment climate in Ukraine,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

In his opinion, the zeal with which prosecutors are destroying the foundations of a healthy business environment should become a serious topic for consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers and all state structures that deal with Ukraine’s investment policy. “All around the world, states ask investors to come with investments, and create the most favorable conditions for this.

The City Council of Lviv managed to attract an investor on its own. The “CPT” company – one of the largest developers in Europe – which plans to invest 50 million euros into the future industrial park at the initial stage alone, and create 3,000 new jobs for Ukrainians. But instead of help we are getting obstacles created by the current authorities through the Prosecutor General’s Office,” says Andriy Sadovyi.

“I have informed the state authorities about the situation with the industrial park, but my appeals remain unanswered. Although for government institutions the number of jobs that will be created and the amount of taxes that the investor will pay to the local and state budgets should be the priority. This is what we need to focus on,” Andriy Sadovyi is convinced.

The leader of Samopomich also adds that he considers this proceeding to be another round of political persecution of Samopomich. “First it was the garbage blockade, now – a blow to investments. From my colleagues I know that following our faction’s leaving the parliamentary coalition, coordination groups were created to analyze my activities in office as the Mayor of Lviv. These are all links in one chain.”

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